Chuck Chuck

A wedding on Chuck?  A love triangle on Brothers & Sisters? The return of a wife on Boardwalk Empire? Stars dished with TV Guide Magazine at the Los Angeles premiere of Spring Awakening on February 8 — and love and drama are definitely in the air!

Blink and you missed it, but in Season One of Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood actress Molly Parker appeared in a photo as Nucky's deceased wife. But death means nothing on TV, and now it looks like we'll be seeing more of Parker is the near future. "It's very possible," she teases. "I guess we'll see. It's a potential surprise." Though Parker doesn't want to give anything away, she does say she was hired for more than just posing for a picture. "I was hired to play a role, and that is a role that comes up later." 

Michael Gross (yes, the dad from Family Ties) teased his upcoming stint on Brothers & Sisters, which airs February 13. "I play a gay food critic — something very different for me — and we're hoping it turns into something, because I'm part of a love triangle with Ron Rifkin and Richard Chamberlain. It could be kind of fun," he says. "Apparently I have a history with Richard Chamberlain's character," adds Gross, who says he had a blast shooting the role. "I got to spend a couple of days holding hands with Mr. Chamberlain. My wife was excited too. She would have liked to have done that."

If the explosive finale of AMC's The Walking Dead left you wondering if Jaqui makes it out alive, Jeryl Prescott Sales says there's a little hint in the first season. "The DVD drops March 8, and if you watch Episode Six over and over and over again, you might discover something," she teases. As for Season 2, Prescott Sales says, "I think it is going to go further into the human dilemma, what these people have to deal with day to day — life and love and stress and losing people they care about and the struggle to survive. I also think they're going to see Michonne, the figure from the comic book that everyone's waiting to see."

Could Chuck's Chuck and Sarah be heading for the altar before season's end? Scott Krinsky isn't spilling but says, "I could imagine that if Chuck and Sarah were to get married, how could you not find a way to include Jeffster in that, right? If the wedding happens, there's probably a good possibility that [he'll be booked as the wedding band]." And after four seasons, Krinsky says he's used to the speculations about whether or not the show that's perpetually on the bubble will get picked up for another year. "It's Chuck — it's part of the excitement," he says. "It feels gratifying to say that we've been around for four seasons, and the fans are already starting their campaigns. We have them to thank."

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