Cybill Shepherd by Mathew Imaging/ Cybill Shepherd by Mathew Imaging/

Sorry, couldn't resist.

The coveted role of James Roday's TV mom on Psych has actually gone to Chuck Lorre's BFF ex- Moonlighting P.I. Cybill Shepherd. Not nearly as exciting as Meryl Streep, but, c'mon, still a fun piece of casting.

Shepherd will appear in at least two episodes, beginning with the third-season premiere on July 18.

According to a USA insider, her character, Madeline, is a private practice psychologist who, after spending a few years abroad, returns to Santa Barbara to pay her ex-hubby ( Corbin Bernsen) and son a visit and ends up helping them with a case. She's described as being a free spirit and the source of Shawn's adventurous side.

Ma Spencer was actually introduced in the final moments of the Season 2 finale when she showed up unannounced on Shawn's doorstep; viewers, however, did not see her face.

Hey, Psych fans - does the idea of a Roday-Shepherd-Bernsen confab give you good or bad vibes? Sound off below!