Aidan Turner Aidan Turner

A beguiling British mash-up of Friends and The Vampire Diaries, the charming Being Human (Saturday, 10/9c, BBC America) returns for its second season with the increasingly darker and more harrowing adventures of a trio of roomies who just want to fit in despite being a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost.

The action kicks off as the vampire coven seeks revenge for its leader's death and targets renegade fangster Mitchell (Aidan Turner) and wolfman George (Russell Tovey). More danger lurks as a religious zealot and a mysterious professor set out to cure werewolves—and kill vampires. On the home front, Nina (Sinead Keenan) is furious at boyfriend George for infecting her with the werewolf "curse," and Mitchell is attracted to human doctor Lucy (Lyndsey Marshal).

Desperate to get out of the house, ghostly Annie (Lenora Crichlow) gets a job as a barmaid. "She needs a purpose," Crichlow explains, adding that the external threats "cause huge conflicts in the friends' relationship. The first half of the season focuses on their individual journeys, and the second half forces them to be together as loyalties are tested."

"Season 2 has more breadth and ambition," says creator Toby Whithouse, who is currently filming the third season in Cardiff, Wales, while Syfy amps up its American version. "There's an infinite number of stories to be told with this show. We hope that it will run for years."

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