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Emmy Weekend kicked off with the Performers Nominee Reception, hosted by the Television Academy, on September 16. The honored actors were so thrilled to be part of the group they couldn't help but share some scoop.

Mary McDonnell said the remaining episodes of The Closer's final season are going to be intense. "I think it could get very, very heavy. Peter Goldman seems to have some kind of vendetta. He has too much information on Brenda that could be seen through a negative lens. And for some reason he's going at it. It could be very complicated for Brenda." McDonnell's character will have her hands full figuring out who the leak is in the Major Crimes department. "Sharon is trying to stay on top of it and intervene in some of it," added McDonnell. "She's devoted to the LAPD." But all lose ends may not be tied up at the end of Season 7. "The plot will continue one week into the next. We'll end The Closer, the next week it's [spin-off] Major Crimes. It's the same plot."

Cara Buono, who played Faye on Mad Men, will guest star on the new CBS drama A Gifted Man this fall. "She plays a pilot with a brain injury," revealed Margo Martindale, who herself makes the move from Justified to A Gifted Man. "The mystery of how the brain injury happens is so fabulous." After dealing with such drama, it's no wonder Buono is ready to move in to comedy. "My friends say I'm really funny," said Buono, who is about to start shooting the pilot Modern Love with Eric Stoltz, based on The New York Times column of the same name. "I need to find some comedic stuff for me to do!"

Glee's Dot-Marie Jones has been sporting a cane since she broke her foot six weeks ago, but thankfully the show's writers have been sympathetic to her injury. "They wrote it into the third episode," she said. "The first two episodes, by luck, I was sitting down." While Coach Beiste is spending her time co-directing the school musical on Glee from a seated position, walking around in real life has aggravated the injury — a recent doctor's appointment showed that Jones' fractured fifth metatarsal is now worse than it was right after she hurt it. "It's broken completely in half," said Jones, who jokingly added, "I said, 'I'll just have an extra bone.' They'll probably put me in books!"

Alan Cumming, who plays Peter Florrick's former campaign manager Eli Gold on The Good Wife, revealed that the next woman to grab his character's attention is guest star Parker Posey, who will play his ex wife on the CBS drama. "It's funny, it's prickly, it's quite tender," Cumming said of their relationship. "She wants me to vet her because she's running for state senate." He also revealed that he filmed a kiss with America Ferrera's Natalie Flores last season, but it was cut from the show. "Remember the episode where Peter won the election and she came to the party and we did the 'another time, another place' thing? Well, we made out, and they cut it. It was a big snog." But all may not be lost for Eli and Natalie. "I think they're trying to get her back," said Cumming. Maybe we'll get to see a kiss after all!             

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