Sally Kirkland and Robert Knepper Sally Kirkland and Robert Knepper

Working on a television show can be much like being an agent or a spy — all information is on a need to know basis, and you have to be extremely good at keeping secrets. So when the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences brought together a group of primetime crime fighters, TV Guide Magazine took the opportunity to gather some information about upcoming plotlines and character development. 

Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson teased the November 10 episode, guest starring Prison Break's Robert Knepper. "Rob plays the son of a movie actress from the '50s, and the poor kid is pretty twisted," he says. "He kidnaps these girls and dresses them up like '50s movie stars and then kills them. It's fantastic!" Gibson also talked about the arrival of guest star Rachel Nichols, who plays an FBI cadet starting in late November. "I don't want to give too much away, but she has a particular perspective that the team will find invaluable in a specific case." Though Gibson's stingy with the details, he will say that Nichols was not hired to replace former Minds' cast member A.J. Cook. "I don't think that anybody is intending for anyone to be her replacement. There's no replacing the character, and there's no replacing the actress," he says. "I think one of the things that we did in some of the subsequent episodes of her leaving was to play that it was hard to fill her shoes."

Boris Kodjoe from NBC's spydrama Undercovers was surprised to hear that Lost's Alan Dale had been cast as the new big boss on the show. But since Dale's arrival, Kodjoe has finally found out little hints about his own character's past. "A lot of secrets are going to be revealed in the next few episodes, stuff that I read and was like, 'Whoa,'" he says. "It's quite shocking. Now we'll find out more about who we are and our purpose in this whole thing. I was thinking we came back [to the agency] because we wanted to save a friend, which is not the case."

Matt Bomer promises answers on the January episodes of White Collar, which picks up a few weeks after Mozzie (Willie Garson) took a bullet to the chest in the summer season finale. "The last seven episodes are really heavy," he says. "Pretty much all the questions that we've asked for the first couple of seasons come to a head and get answered." And yes, that includes the mystery surrounding that much sought after music box.

The nail biter on CSI is whether or not original cast member Marg Helgenberger will really leave at the end of the season, as she announced earlier this year. "You know what, anything's possible. But I wouldn't consider a full season," she tells TV Guide Magazine. Her change of heart may have something to do with Catherine's recently improved private life. "It's funny, I've said I want a love interest on the show since Season 2, and my last season I finally get one. There's something going on there," she laughs. "They've given me some more interesting things to do this season, so we'll see where they're going to take the character in the next few months. Like I said, anything's possible."

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