New details are emerging about ABC Family's new Juno-esque drama from 7th Heaven creator Brenda Hampton. And by "new details," I mean the following (rather detailed) synopsis that is making its way to Hollywood casting directors as we speak:

"Fifteen-year-old Amy Nicholson, pregnant after having one uncomfortable sexual encounter with the school's Don Juan, Ricky, tries to figure out a way to deal with her dilemma, as all around her peers face the reality of their own sexual (or non-sexual) choices. Unable to face her loving but "nice" middle class parents, Amy confides in her best friends, Lauren and Madison, who are supportive but not too helpful, and struggles to deal with her feelings for Ricky at the same time she's being wooed by the sweet and possibly smitten Ben."

So, pretty much, if 7th Heaven got plastered, had a one-night stand with Juno, and gave birth nine months later, this is what their baby would look like. Now, what do you say you give this as-yet-untitled baby a proper name in the comments section below? And while you're at it, throw out some casting suggestions for "Amy." I'll get things started with this suggestion: Ephram's kid sis.