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Sci Fi Channel has a new name, but it sounds the same: Syfy.

The official rebranding of the nearly 17-year-old channel took place Tuesday with a new moniker, a new tagline ("Imagine Greater"), a new site and a new series to go with it, Warehouse 13.

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The Syfy name was unveiled in March when network brass cited the need to expand the channel's empire, change people's perception of the cabler and trademark a distinguishable name. The generic and limiting label of Sci Fi prevented the channel from branding its products and perhaps turned off some viewers.Despite the switch, Syfy has no plans on alienating its fanbase. The program slate, which includes such fare as Eureka

, Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth, will remain the same, and the Battlestar Galactica prequel series, Caprica, will debut in January.