Vargas (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) barely got to relish his presidential victory on Scandal before he was shot and killed on Thursday's season premiere. Olivia (Kerry Washington) is convinced that Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is behind it, and there's some strong evidence against him. By "evidence," we, of course, mean a campaign staffer naming him on a tip line and then getting blown to bits. Nope, not suspicious at all!

But did Cyrus really have his running mate killed? That's simply too easy for twist-happy Scandal, and luckily, Quinn herself, Katie Lowes, tells us there might be more to it than meets the eye.

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"It's not who you'd expect," Lowes teases. "Everyone's a target. This isn't a safe show."

As if we needed reminding. But if it's not Cyrus, then who was it?

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