Scandal is almost back — and you don't want to mess with this Olivia.

We've got your first look at the Season 6 poster, which features Olivia (Kerry Washington) glaring into the camera in her signature white power suit, sans hat. The tagline: "The balance of power is about to shift."

That, of course, refers to the show's presidential election between Mellie (Bellamy Young)/Jake (Scott Foley) and Vargas (Ricardo Chavira)/Cyrus (Jeff Perry), the results of which will be revealed in the premiere, which takes place on election night.

But is it also hinting at what Liv has up her sleeve? After all, in the previously released trailer, Mellie tells her that she's "done running for president." To which our favorite fixer screams, "I'm not!" And lest we forget, getting Mellie and Jake into the White House is exactly what Papa Pope (Joe Morton) wants.

Check out the poster below. Season 6 of Scandal premieres Thursday, Jan. 19 at 9/8c on ABC.