Is love in the air for Marcus and Mellie?

The pair shared a hug and a near-kiss after Mellie (Bellamy Young) won the Republican nomination last season on Scandal. Thursday's Season 6 premiere picks up on election night, which gives the duo plenty of time to have made things official during the campaign. So, did they?

"I think later on in the season, we'll actually get a couple sneak peeks of what happened with Marcus and Mellie," Cornelius Smith Jr., who plays Marcus, tells "If anything at all."

Everything we know about Scandal Season 6

As previously reported, Season 6 will feature flashbacks to show what happened over the intervening months, so even if Marcllie isn't a thing when the show returns, it very well could've been.

"I think they make an intriguing couple," Smith Jr. says. "In many ways, they complement each other, but also I think challenge each other."

Scandal returns Thursday at 9/8c on ABC.