[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Thursday's episode of Scandal. Read at your own risk.]

Wedding bells are ringing for Jake... or are they?

In the final minutes of Thursday's Scandal, Olivia (Kerry Washington) after dismissing Jake (Scott Foley) from an unsolicited late-night booty call earlier, comes to Rowan's (Joe Morton) for dinner, only to find Jake and his girlfriend of four weeks, Vanessa (Joelle Carter), toasting their engagement. This, also after Liv spent an ungodly amount of time spying on the couple instead of focusing on gladiating a Secret Service debacle for Abby (Darby Stanchfield).

So is this engagement for real? Or is it part of whatever Jake and Rowan are concocting together? Foley answers our burning questions about Jake's true intentions, his sudden personality change and if he's actually working for Rowan again.

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Is Jake really engaged?
Scott Foley:
It seems to be, right? They're popping champagne and telling Liv, and Rowan's part of it. Jake has popped the question and maybe has found the woman for him. What do you think about that?

I think she's part of his long con.
It kind of seems that way, like she came out of nowhere. Olivia's following him. She's not quite sure why and she puts everybody on him. Then Jake shows up in her bedroom and talks about this girl being perfect and her lineage. But to be honest with you, your guess is as good as mine!

Do you think Jake get engaged because Liv kicked him out?
Yeah. He was there. He was all in and she told him to stop. She called his bluff sort of. Look, that would be an interesting form of "f---you," I guess. Sort of revenge. Just to say, "Well, if you don't want me, I'll make sure you can't have me." But I think there's more to it than that. We don't know too much about [Vanessa]. We're going to learn quite a bit more about her. For this chick to come out of nowhere and [for him] to just marry her, it's either because of Liv saying no to him or there's a bigger story. We can assume there's a bigger story. There might not be, but I think it's safe to assume.

Are they actually picking out centerpiece and flowers?
Yeah. The logical steps are everything we know in real life to happen before a wedding — the showers and the planning and that kind of stuff. And it's just a matter of Olivia's involvement or lack thereof.

Since the winter break, Jake's this whole different guy. He's ruthless, cold, emotionless. He's seems to be working with Rowan again even though he just wanted him dead because of Elise's death, and he killed an innocent man to become head of the NSA. What's his game plan here?
It begs the question: what was so bad in his life that forced him to — we don't know if it's B613 or not at this point — but to fall back into that fold? I think we can assume there's two roads. Either they're both on the straight and narrow or there's a plan happening. Right now, there doesn't seem like there's a plan aside from Jake being the head of the NSA. What that gets him, I don't know, but that puts him in a certain position with regards to information that could be beneficial to B613. But as far as we know, last we heard, B613 was dismantled.

Is he genuinely working with Rowan? He could have something else up his sleeve and is just playing Rowan.
I agree. I think Jake has his own agenda, maybe separate from Rowan's. We don't know at this point if they are working together. We know that their relationship is bizarre.

He's always at his house.
Jake's living there basically! I picture Jake in the basement of Rowan's house, a light bulb, mattress on the floor. What's he doing? Whenever we shoot those scenes ... it's so bizarre to think about: OK, so there's a grown man living with another older grown man. What the hell is happening?

What I think is weirder is that Rowan considers Jake his son and his "son" is sleeping with his real daughter. And he likes Jake with Olivia.
Look, it's definitely a Leia-Skywalker thing happening. If Darth is the father and that's Rowan, there's something f---ed up! [Laughs] No doubt about it! And just because Rowan sees them that way, I don't necessarily think they see each other that way. He may see him as his father figure, but I know Jake doesn't see Olivia as his sister. And vice versa!

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Where and how do you think the relationship between Jake and Olivia changed in the six months we didn't see? We came back and they're having hot hate sex.
Foley: Somewhere in those six months we didn't see, something happened. I'm sure there was a call at some point where she said to come over, he said, "What are you doing?" and it turned into that. And in order to not let it get any deeper, to not engage anymore because they had been down that road before, it seems to be purely physical. But it never ends up purely physical, right? Someone always gets hurt. Someone is always more invested than the other person. I think that seems to be the case here. Jake was the one in his episode pushing for more and Olivia was the one fighting herself because she knows better to make it stop. Sometimes those things must come to an end and the quickest way to do that is to get engaged! [Laughs]

I like the role reversal. She's the one spying on you now. She's the one hung up on you. And you're the one ostensibly in love with someone else. It was always her and Fitz. How does that feel?
It's great! Can I tell you it's great? It actually means she might give a sh--! [Laughs] The question is: Is she spying because she thinks there's a larger plan going on or is she spying because she's jealous?

It could be both.
It could definitely be both. They could do hand in hand, and I think they might. It's hard to separate them in her head when she's trying to do the right thing and uncover whatever plot she has in her head ... it's hard to reconcile that when she's been with and has had sex with this guy who now seems to be with someone else. I think both story lines may come to a head at some point.

What can we expect from Jake and Olivia and Vanessa going forward?
I think it's natural for Olivia to be revealed to Vanessa who she is, so I think there will be, not jealousy, but questions and concerns and discussions regarding Jake's relationship with Olivia. And on the other side, I think between Jake and Olivia, there will be questions and concerns regarding his motives with Vanessa. Right now, in his mind and what he's putting out there, it's purely personal and has nothing to do with business.

Who knew the sex between Jake and Olivia was so great? "No one will ever do for you what I can do for you." But is it really or did he just say that?
That's such a confident statement, right? [Laughs] I think she said it to him before and I think he's echoing her statement. I wouldn't dare to dream Jake would be so bold as to claim himself as the greatest lover ever. I think there's definitely something between these two. They keep coming back to each other. They spent a few months together on an island. That's a connection that's hard to negate, hard to give up and one that I don't think either of them necessarily wants to. We didn't see those months, but they had an idyllic experience down there. And it was unencumbered by any other relationship. Imagine spending two months with someone night and day and being in love with that person. It's hard to let go of.

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