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Scandal Mega Buzz: Is Elise Behind Lazarus One?

Consider the evidence

Joyce Eng

Jake (Scott Foley) is determined to find the perpetrator behind Lazarus One on Scandal, but could the culprit be right in front of his eyes? Or rather, in his bed?

His presumed-dead spy wife Elise (Mia Maestro) scored a ticket back home with Jake after she was shot during a botched mission in Paris two weeks ago. But what if she shot herself? The surveillance footage cut out during the scuffle and Elise could very well be Rowan's (Joe Morton) No. 2 while he's behind bars.

"If she shot herself in the arm and is back in Jake's life and did all that and knew he was alive, she's a first-class conniving bitch!" Foley tells us. "She should be Command then. The question of her trust-ability is a good one. That goes back to me saying, 'Because Jake assumed she was dead, did she assume Jake was dead? Why didn't she get in contact with him?' Maybe she can't be trusted. I think she's B613. The fact that Charlie isn't sure who she is but has connections with her makes me think that she is B613 or another U.S. spy organization, so yes, [Elise and Rowan] could have or still be working together. Maybe Rowan was the one who told her not to contact Jake."

While we all should be wary of Elise, one person Foley believes we can cross off the suspect list is Jake himself. "I don't think Jake is behind Lazarus," he says. "As much as I know, the reaction that Jake had to seeing that video footage [of the Louvre burning] and going to see Rowan, I think he truly is looking for it. Finding out the complexities behind that is going to be interesting, but I don't think Jake is the one behind Lazarus One."

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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