Cyrus (Jeff Perry) isn't the only one with a new gig on Scandal.

Last week's Season 6 premiere, which jumped ahead to election night, revealed that Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.), who joined OPA last season, is now the press secretary. So how did he go from Gladiator to White House mouthpiece?

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"Nothing I've shot specifically reveals that [yet], but there will be some nuggets in [Thursday's episode] that kind of explains how Marcus got to the White House," Smith tells

Perhaps it's related to whatever went down between him and Mellie (Bellamy Young) during the campaign. Via flashbacks, Thursday's episode will also shed light on the pair's "'so-called' history," and Smith says it's "safe to assume" they gave it a go at some point.

"I think we all saw a spark there," he says. "Now, to what degree they go in to really understand and engage with that spark, we'll find out. ... I don't think their relationship plays a direct role in how he got to the White House, but I think it affects it on some level."

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