Jasika Nicole Jasika Nicole

Astrid is getting Scandalous.

Former Fringe star Jasika Nicole will guest-star in an upcoming episode of ABC's political fixer drama, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

Details about Nicole's role are being kept under wraps, with reps for the show only confirming that the role is top secret and will be very surprising. Since Scandal has had its share of shockers, Nicole should fit right in.

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Executive producer Shonda Rhimes first announced the news Wednesday night on Twitter. "We have Jasika Nicole (Fringe's Astrid) guest starring on ep 219 of Scandal. Which makes me go totally fan-girl with excitement."

Nicole is best known for playing Astrid Farnsworth, the Fringe Division junior agent who really became another member of the Bishop family on Fringe, which just recently wrapped its sixth and final season.

Scandal airs Thusdays at 10/9c on ABC.