You have to say this about Tommy Lee: The guy is genuine. No doubt there were some parts of his back-to-school series that were awkwardly prearranged, but Tommy himself sure wasn't playing to the camera unlike nearly every unknown on The Real World, past or present. Instead, he was making an effort to fit in, both in class and, more easily, in collegiate social life. Could you picture any other rock or pop star doing that? I'm betting Mariah Carey would sooner live like a veal calf in a box before living among coeds. Similarly, I'd wager Jessica Simpson would rather slum it at Payless before booting up for a botany-class hike. And don't even get me started on that dude from Creed. So regardless of what grades Tommy scored, I say the dude deserves an A for ass-kicking effort. And how about that marching-band-backed performance of "You Gotta Fight for Your Right (to Party)"? That definitely earns a solid B for bitchin'. Party on, Tommy, and I'll see you in Rehab 101.