Call us crazy, but do you ever get the sense that maybe Saturday Night Live isn't a big fan of Donald Trump?

This week's show opened with another sassy needling of the president-elect, this time focusing on his controversial cabinet appointments. For once, the show's official Faux Donald, Alec Baldwin, was no where to be found. Instead, SNL heavyweight Kate McKinnon morphed into Kellyanne Conway and introduced Walter White (national treasure Bryan Cranston) as the new head of the DEA to Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett.)

For all three of you who didn't watch Breaking Bad, Walter White was famously a high school chemistry teacher-turned-meth peddler, so his appointment as DEA would be counter-intuitive to say the least. For fans, the reprise (and the several references to the AMC hit peppered in amongst his lines) were a welcome twist on the now-standard Trump slams.