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Saturday Night Live closed out its 40th season this weekend with Louis C.K. at the helm.

Never one to shy away from sensitive topics, Louis C.K. explained the evolution of racism in his opening monologue, and appeared in a later sketch as an older white employee who's forced to pretend he talks like his boss (Leslie Jones) in order to avoid getting fired.

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Also, Kate McKinnon returned as Hillary Clinton in the cold open, which featured the presidential candidate putting a damper on potential voters' summer plans.

Check out highlights from the season finale below:

Summertime cold open: Forget the beach and vacationing. Hillary Clinton's plans include campaigning and trying to drum up extra votes.

Louis C.K. opening monologue: Louis C.K. reminisces about growing up in the 1970s, when it was acceptable to be racist, and cites modern-day examples of people being "mildly racist."

This Is How I Talk: After his new boss (Leslie Jones) overhears him imitating her, a retail employee (Louis C.K.) is forced to keep up the ruse in order to avoid getting fired.

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