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Saturday Night Live Pits Trump Versus Aliens -- and Ivanka Is "Complicit"

And Jeff Sessions is just a simple country liar

Amanda Bell

Saturday Night Liveagain dug in deep with the political punnage this week with a cold open that gave a dismal, albeit hilarious, answer to an increasingly common question: "What if aliens visit us while Donald Trump is in charge?"

The bit was a great fit with one of Alec Baldwin's now-iconic (and reportedly becoming scarce) impersonations, and highlighted some of Trump's latest scandals: from his perceived relationship with Russia; to his feud with NBC and its most recent The Apprentice host, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Contenders for the best zinger of the bit?

- When he found out the state of California had been vaporized by the invaders, and responded with, "So, then I won the popular vote?"

- When he tried to summon up a racially-charged deflection for his potential Zorblatt 9 business ties by decreeing that two black soldiers be investigated instead of him, and he couldn't spell or say "hereby": "I hairby demand ... I harbibadid ... I Gigi Hadid..."

- When he didn't know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance.

We could go on, but there was oh so much more goodness going down on SNL this weekend, so let's hit the highlights, shall we?

Ghost in the Shell and Rough Night star Scarlett Johansson was on tap to host for her illustrious fifth round, with Lorde bringing her new single "Green Light" to the stage. And that led to lots of fun sketches about zoo pornography and a reality show about natural birth mothers and such. But the buzziest moment of the politically active ScarJo's screen time was her advertisement for "Complicit," a fragrance for women created by "Ivanka Trump."

The ad features Johansson as the stunning woman who captures every room and has won the hearts of men and women across the nation with her beauty and unique brand of, erm, "feminism." And it aims to take her down as yet another one of the Trump bunch, despite her distractingly lovely exterior (which, as the mirror moment shows, isn't what she sees when she looks at her own reflection).

"She's a woman who knows what she wants and knows what she's doing ... complicit," the ad coos. "She doesn't crave the spotlight but we see her, oh how we see her ... complicit. A feminist and advocate, a champion for women. Like how? She's loyal, devoted, but probably should've bounced after the whole Access Hollywood bus thing. Oh well. Also, I bet when she watches Titanic she thinks she's Rose. Sorry girl. You're Billy Zane. Complicit, the fragrance for the woman who could stop all this, but won't. Also available in a cologne for Jared [Kushner]."

And the third roundhouse kick to the administration came by way of "Weekend Update," which laid into the TrumpCare, which they've lovingly re-dubbed "Don't Care."

"This week Republicans made their best effort to unite the country by presenting a new healthcare plan that everybody could hate together," Michael Che explained. "How bad does this have to be for Trump not to want to put his name on it? This guy once put his name on a Ponzi scheme [Trump University]."

And Kate McKinnon once again reprised her yokel Jeff Sessions impersonation, this time with Alex Moffat as Senator Al Franken, whose confirmation hearing questions ended up ensnaring Sessions in an untruth when it came to the subject of his communications with the Russians.

"I'm just a simple country liar," McSessions explains in that thick southern drawl that was so accurately compared to Forrest Gump in previous episodes. "What can I say? I might talk cute, but I am very scary."

Other targets of the "Update" series included, "Trump spokesperson and James Bond villain Stephen Miller ... a guy who was in high school voted most likely to have a cigar box full of missing girls' driver's licenses," the Obamacare repeal and replace masthead on the Hill Speaker Paul Ryan, and Fox News' inflammatory personality Sean Hannity.