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Santa Fields Kids' Questions about Al Franken, Roy Moore on Saturday Night Live

Ho ho ho?

Amanda Bell

Thanksgiving isn't the only holiday affected by the political rifts born in 2017.

In Saturday Night Live's cold open, Santa (played by Kenan Thompson) and his elf Amy (Kate McKinnon) were in for more than just your usual gift requests and requests for good cheer; he was also a sounding board for the kiddos' many current concerns about the goings on of nice and naughty adults alike.

For example, after asking for some blocks and laser tag, one curious boy asked Saint Nick, "Can you tell me, what did Al Franken do?" Then, when he found out Franken had earned himself a spot on Santa's naughty list, he continued, "And what about Roy Mooore, which list is he on?"

That's when Amy, who decided to nix the nickname "Sugar Plum" in light of the "current climate," told him, "It's not so much a list. It's more of a registry." Badumtshhhh.

Other hot button issues to fall into Santa's lap, literally, included the bevy of sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump, the mixed reactions to NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, the "trickle-down" tax cuts conundrum, and even Bitcoin.

That's when Amy assured one precocious little girl, "As bad as things seem, things will be okay. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for another three years, 42 days and 24 minutes, but most people in America are good people. And eventually good people will fix our country."

The Santa skit was followed up by host James Franco's opening monologue, in which the actor-director had to field some questions about his career and deal with a few surprises guests in the form of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and Steve Martin along the way.

He was also joined by brother Dave Franco for another skit about family reunions wherein both were out-weirded by series newcomer Heidi Gardner.

Other highlights from the episode include a segment where men had to apologize to their female co-workers for sexually harassing behaviors in the workplace, and the examples are a little too real.

And since 'tis the season, one Christmas Carol redux was apparently not enough, so they created a digital short about "Scrudge," the world's least popular party guest.

Saturday Night Lives airs Saturdays at 11:30/10:30c on NBC.