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Louis C.K. returned for his second shot at hosting of Saturday Night Liveand he once again used his opening monologue for some self-deprecating stand-up.

After poking fun at Americans, white people, wife-beaters and more, theLouie star moved on to the first sketch of the night, Black Jeopardy! The episode, one of the funnier installments of the lackluster year so far, also included a female cop show, Dyke & Fats, and a Weekend Update withJay Pharoah as ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.

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Here are the highlights:

Opening monologue

Cold open: On the heels of President Obama's Funny or Die interviewwith Zach Galifianakis, this sketch featured Obama (Pharoah) meeting with the social media specialist behind planking and "I Can Haz a Cheezburger" to discuss how to get ObamaCare to go viral before the signup deadline.

Black Jeopardy! The 50th anniversary of the game show finally spawns a spin-off. Kenan Thompson hosts with Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata as contestants competing against Louis C.K. as an African-American studies professor, who is confused and disappointed by the lack of black history questions.

Dyke & Fats: This sketch parodies a '70s buddy cop show, with Kate McKinnon as a lesbian cop and Aidy Bryant as her overweight partner.

Doctor's Office: Louis C.K. plays a patient who asks his doctor to double check if he has a Darth Vader action figure in his butt. 

What were your favorite sketches of the night?