After President-elect Donald Trump slammed Saturday Night Live last week as unwatchable, the comedy series — which is quickly morphing into a full-time political satire — clearly didn't want to miss the opportunity to dominate the Sunday morning news cycle, calling out Trump directly in Weekend Update and producing a surreal pre-taped sketch on what the world must look like from Trump's eyes that felt almost like a fever dream.

Hosting last night's show was the world's most muscly ray of sunshine, legendary pro-wrester John Cena, who charmed the entire audience with an opening monologue song he never actually got to sing. (It was interrupted by adorable wrestling challenges from the show's cast.)

Cena brought more than his Olympian physique and oversized smile to his sketches. He was clearly game for anything and effortlessly channeled a variety of comedy characters, from this Karate Kid homage... half of a mystical owl-wrangling duo, not unlike Siegfried and Roy, competing for a talent competition.

While Cena kept the show's energy high and warm, regular Cecily Strong arguably stole the show with a long slurred rant (in character as the grizzled Cathy Anne) during Weekend Update, where she loudly called out Trump, liberals, Republicans, Pizzagate and her own psoriasis.

Strong also got very close to host Cena with a MTV parody dating show "Hook A Hunk," where three male contestants unsuccessfully tried to get one woman to pay attention to them while host John Cena was in the room.

Also notable: Kate McKinnon, who famously inhabited Hillary Clinton during the election campaign and now is dominating cold opens again as an uncanny Kellyanne Conway, reached into her bag of tricks and pulled out another spot-on impression — this time of Angela Merkel, hilariously describing her "German screams" and explaining why she stole a glove from Obama.

SNL returns next week with host Casey Affleck and musical guest Chance the Rapper.