Saturday's SNL proved that second-time host Chris Hemsworth was funny and game, and musical guest Chance the Rapper was a welcome change of pace from the show's usual type of performer. But Will Ferrell might have actually stolen the show.

Watch highlights from the episode below:

George W. Bush cold open: Will Ferrell kicked off the show in crowd-pleasing fashion by reprising his legendary George W. Bush impression. The 43rd President holds a press conference to announce that he's entering the 2016 Presidential race, because the Republican field is so incompetent that he looks like a good option. Plenty of solid digs at Trump, Carson, his own brother Jeb! and the rest.

Time to Bleed: The best sketch of the night is this action movie parody starring Hemsworth as a cop too tough to get the bullet taken out of his body after he's shot. Great escalation, as Hemsworth's sexual innuendos to Sasheer Zamata get dumber and dumber the more blood he loses.

Deborah's Time: This sketch was a weird delight in the middle of the show. Hemsworth and Cecily Strong are hosting a Christmas party where all the guests gather around the piano and sing holiday favorites. Then they begin a song called "Deborah's Time," a Broadway standard no one else has ever heard of.

Claire: Many of the Hemsworth sketches played off his beefcake status, and this was the best of the lot. He plays a woman named Claire who looks suspiciously like Chris Hemsworth in a dress and wig and won't stop talking about how sexy he is. The real stars here, though, are the women he's matched with, all of whom deliver their increasingly incredulous lines perfectly. Aidy Bryant scored the biggest laugh of the night with her closing summary.

Chance the Rapper: Chance premiered a new song called "Somewhere in Paradise" and did his gospel-inflected hit "Sunday Candy." The Chicago rapper made history by being the first fully independent artist to ever perform on SNL (he isn't signed to a record label and distributes his own music). His dance moves were so GIFable that SNL tweeted one out just moments after he performed.