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The ghosts of Saturday Night Live presidents past — including Will Ferrell, Dana Carvey and Dan Aykroyd — have reunited in a Funny Or Die video to encourage Congress to create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

In the video, President Obama (Fred Armisen) falls asleep in the arms of the first lady (former SNL star Maya Rudolph) as he frets about the multi-million dollar lobby against the CFPA.

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In Obama's dreams, he is visited by George W. Bush (Will Ferrell), Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond), George Bush Sr. (Dana Carvey), Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd) and the ghosts of Gerald Ford (Chevy Chase) and Ronald Reagan (Jim Carrey).

The past presidents give Obama advice on how to handle regulatory issues — even if it means taking his approval ratings to "Nasty Town," as George W. puts it.

Obama is hardly grateful. "What you're saying is I should take on this mess that you all created, take on the banks and their trillions of dollars? How's this helpful?" he asks.

"It's a bitch. It's a bitch," says Reagan. "But as George Washington once said to John Adams: 'Tag. You're it.'"

Watch the video:

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