Question: During Saturday-morning cartoons in the mid-1970s, there was a fat, yellow guy who had stick legs and danced with a hat and cane. He sang about eating "Saturdays" (instead of Sundays) . I am the only person who remembers this.... Please tell me I am not crazy. What was his name? Thanks.

Answer: Well, OK, even though to claim that you are the only person who remembers this denies me my own humanity. But, hey, I'm feeling generous these days.

It was the helpful, musical Timer who told us all about things like making "Sunshine on a Stick" frozen-orange-juice treats by filling an ice tray with orange juice, covering it with plastic wrap, sticking toothpicks in through the plastic and freezing the whole thing. (Though he never told you what to do when your parents flew into a rage because you used up all the trays and they had no ice or toothpicks for cocktail hour dance to that, Suggestion Boy but maybe that was just my house.)

Timer, a sort of Yellow Submarine throwback, first made his appearance in the 1973 ABC After School Special presentation The Incredible, Indelible, Magical, Physical Mystery Trip. In that story, he guided two kids through their uncle's ailing body, but he returned in, as you say, Saturday-morning interstitials to guide us toward healthy snacks and urge us to eat breakfast.

Timer never really received the nostalgic love that kids in my generation gave School House Rock once we hit a certain age and started looking back. Then again, that may be because knowledge of nouns, multiplication and interjections is still a useful thing, but having too frequent a hankering for a hunk of cheese, which ain't necessarily the "healthy" snack we were told it was, won't do your circulatory system a lot of good in the long run.