Does any film star in Hollywood work as much as Jude Law? The 32-year-old star of Alfie (opening Nov. 5) has had six movies released within a three-month span. Then again, Law's costar Susan Sarandon — who plays Alfie's rich lover — has an equally impressive total of three movies hitting theaters this fall. The other two are Shall We Dance? and the holiday flick Noel (due on Nov. 12). But Sarandon was especially thrilled to lay down the Law.

"Jude was fabulous," the 58-year-old actress tells TV Guide Online. "He's like a character actor who has been given this amazing charm and grace. He is so much better than he needs to be when he looks like that. So he's really fun to work with."

Cuddling with the Brit heartthrob wasn't her only perk on Alfie's set. Sarandon also enjoyed sporting her sexy high-society duds. "It was the first time in a long time that I have wanted to keep my wardrobe," she smiles. "When you do a film where part of the plot is that you have to look good... Phew! You want to look good, so you are not at odds with the director of photography. I love the way that the film looks and the way it moves. It is so funny and fresh and doesn't look like a remake."

Speaking of remakes, Alfie and Shall We Dance? are both updated versions of other films. Did all these do-overs really need to be done? "Is anything necessary?" she counters. "I think if it is a good story, sometimes they translate and sometimes they shouldn't be touched. Shall We Dance? is very far from the Japanese version because of the cultural differences, but the questions that it asks are universal.

"When you see the original [Alfie], it is so dark and so sadistic and masochistic because the women are treated like objects," she continues. "I don't think that is something that anybody would sit and watch today. What I like about [this version] is that the women all leave with dignity and he's the one that has a few things to learn. He experiences a loss with all these women, who are played so fully and so well that I felt bad for him, not for them."

But back to Sarandon's dreamy costar, Mr. Law. Has she any problem playing paramours to much younger men? "I think I've done just about every role [like that]," she laughs. "There are a few more that have been offered to me lately. I think I have cornered that market. Sigourney [Weaver] did [Tadpole] and I thought, 'How did that get by me? I didn't get offered that one?'"