Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman opened up Saturday Night Live by answering some hilarious audience questions — from her 20-year-old self!

Silverman kicked off her monologue by making some jokes before grabbing a hand-held mic and heading into the audience and plopping down on a woman's lap. After asking some philosophical questions and sharing some life lessons, the first-time host reminded us of her short stint as a featured performer on the series back in the '90s by cutting to her own question from back in the day. And nothing says the '90s like a question about Wilson Phillips' solo album. Watch her monologue and our other favorite clips from the night.

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The Fault in Our Stars 2: The Ebola in Our EverythingThe trailer was pretty on point with both the original hit film and the very topical disease — "because you can't quarantine your heart."

Celestial Stage: Silverman imitates the late Joan Rivers as she reunites with all the other comedic greats including Richard Pryor (Jay Pharoah) and Freddie Mercury (Adam Levine).

Weekend Update: Feminist music duo Garage and Her (Silverman and Kate McKinnon) comment on the new female Thor character.

Whites: An ad about white people promoting white dominance perfectly set to "Hey Soul Sister."

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