O'Reilly Factor - Sarah Palin O'Reilly Factor - Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin debuted on Fox News — as a paid employee — during Tuesday's The O'Reilly Factor, and gushed over how excited she was to contribute to "the fair and the balanced reporting and analysis" of the news team.

"I'm grinning today, and I'm so appreciative of the opportunity to get to work with you and the other team members here at Fox News to provide the fair and the balanced reporting and analysis voters in this country deserve," Palin said to host Bill O'Reilly.

Sarah Palin joins Fox News as contributor

O'Reilly asked Palin why so many "pinheads" (his word) seem threatened by the former governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate.

"Obviously, it's not about me. It's not about me, personally," said Palin. "They don't like the message. They don't like the common-sense conservative solution that I think that I represent and you articulate... They don't like to hear it."

Watch Palin's first appearance on the Fox News payroll:

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