Ioan Gruffudd and Sarah Michelle Gellar Ioan Gruffudd and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Why did Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar choose to return to TV with Ringer? To honor her fans.

"I have the most incredible fan base and I also had the most incredible show," she told at the CW's recent upfront in New York. "You don't repeat history, but you also want to honor that and my fans are smart and like evocative television and with this all the pieces fell into place."

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The new drama features Gellar as Bridget, a troubled recovering alcoholic on the run. She hides out by masquerading as her wealthy twin sister Siobhan, who, it turns out, also has a bounty on her head. Nestor Carbonell, Kristoffer Polaha, Tara Summers, Mike Colter and Ioan Gruffudd will also star.

"It's a true film noir in the sense that you really don't know who dun nit," the 34-year-old actress adds.

In the interview below, Gellar tells us what excites her most about the series: