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Those still mourning the loss of Alcatraz — we won't lie, we are — will find some solace this fall when Sarah Jones joins the cast of CBS' new drama Vegas.

Vegas is inspired by the true story of Las Vegas Sheriff Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid), a rancher who goes up against powerful gangster Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis) to help bring order to 1960s Sin City. Jones will play Mia, the smart and beautiful daughter of a Chicago heavy hitter, who works alongside Savino in the casino.

Alcatraz's Sarah Jones joins CBS' Vegas as new series regular

Last season, Jones also played a strong female on Fox's sci-fi drama Alcatraz, in which her character Rebecca Madsen went on the hunt for more than 300 guards and prisoners who vanished into thin air in 1963. Though the two characters are from two very different time periods, Jones says there are a few similarities between them.

"What Rebecca and Mia have in common is that if any man gets in their way, they know how to handle them," she tells "The other comparison I would say is that they both were raised by men, in a sense. Rebecca was raised by her uncle in the police force, and Mia was raised by her father in the mob, so those are the similarities."

Beyond that, Jones says, these are two very different women. "Mia is a complete 180," she says. "She's a lady. She's highly educated. Not that Rebecca wasn't a prodigy in what she did, but Mia went to business school when women weren't going to excel in their studies. She's a bit of a princess too. She's mob royalty almost. She's been treated as such, so she's this little kitten until she walks into a board meeting, and then she turns into a tiger."

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Getting to step into a more feminine role is a thrill for Jones, who's been working hard to shed Alcatraz's badge and gun for something a little more formal. "I'm really excited to explore that aspect," she says of throwing on a dress and heels. "I'm trying to get a walk down so I can walk gracefully. It's a new feminine power, but it's fun."

Here's hoping Mia won't go the same way as Rebecca. (RIP!)

Vegas premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 10/9c on CBS.