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TikTok Trump Impersonator Sarah Cooper Lands Netflix Comedy Special

Natasha Lyonne is set to direct

Allison Picurro

Sarah Cooper is heading to Netflix. Cooper, a newly minted internet celebrity and the reason your parents won't stop asking you what TikTok is, has become famous for uploading videos of herself lip syncing to some of the more eyebrow-raising things Donald Trump has said in public. Now she'll be taking her act to the streaming service for Everything's Fine, a Netflix comedy special directed by Natasha Lyonne and executive produced by Maya Rudolph. The special is expected to cover all manner of issues, including politics, race, gender, and class. 

The news follows Cooper's stint as guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, as regular host Jimmy Kimmel continues to enjoy a summer away from TV cameras and has been inviting some famous pals to guest host in his place. Cooper delivered most of her opening monologue as herself, but she couldn't resist bringing out her Trump impression that's made her a viral sensation. 

Cooper also roasted Trump in her monologue, joking, "And they said a female president would be too emotional. 'Once a month, she'll go crazy,' they said. Can you imagine a president who only goes crazy once a month? But without a crazy president, I wouldn't be here, so thanks, Trump."

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Cooper discussed the "insane" year she's had ("I'm sorry, that's offensive -- this year has been presidential"), going from doing a late-night set at a pizza place in Jersey City to stepping into Kimmel's shoes. She also spoke about growing up Jamaican and her past working at Google.

But it wasn't long before she returned to her favorite target: "I've gotten deep inside Donald Trump's head, and let me tell you, it is lonely in there. It's just me and a person, woman, man, camera, TV. Oh, and a bucket of chicken," she joked. In effort to prove that she's more than her Trump impression, Cooper then took questions from her followers, which naturally resulted in her showing off her most famous talent, giving a new face and context to Trump's words.

Everything's Fine will premiere on Netflix this fall. 

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs at 11:35/10:35c on ABC. 

Editor's note: This piece has been updated to reflect the news of Cooper's Netflix special. 

Sarah Cooper, Jimmy Kimmel Live

  Sarah Cooper, Jimmy Kimmel Live