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[SPOILER ALERT: Do not read this article if you don't want to know how Scrubs will change this season.]

When Scrubs returns, Elliot will be expecting, according to Sarah Chalke.

Scrubs' next season heads for the classroom

Scrubs executive producer Bill Lawrence decided to write Chalke's real-life pregnancy into the story line. "It's kind of a time cut into the future, so J.D. and I are already married and pregnant with our first kid," Chalke tells Hollywood 411's Marc Istook Tuesday.

Chalke, whose due date is Dec. 25, is happy about Lawrence's decision. "Bill was very generous to write it in, so I'm not, like, carrying a giant chart or something in front of my belly all the time," she says.

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"I'm going to do a bunch [of episodes] until this baby gets too big for me to go to work anymore," she says. She adds that Zach Braff is also on board for the first six episodes; John C. McGinley and Donald Faison will be series regulars on the rebooted Scrubs, which returns to ABC in January.

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