We've all heard of Netflix and chill, but now it's all about Netflix and marry. The streaming service helped a user propose to his Netflix-obsessed girlfriend using the stars of her favorite series, which is, oddly enough, Santa Clarita Diet.

Using the cover story that they were chosen to participate in a People's Couch-like reality series, Conor and Kamela — his girlfriend of nearly six years — kicked back on the couch to watch what was supposed to be a special episode of Santa Clarita Diet while cameras caught their reactions. In the video, stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant discussed in character the secret to keeping the spark in their marriage before Conor appeared and revealed that he had a special message for Kamela.

Turning things over to his real self, Conor popped the question to his teary-eyed girlfriend who, luckily for him, accepted. The happy couple was then greeted by a pre-recorded congratulatory message from Barrymore and Olyphant, who did not actually get to meet their superfan in real life. Kamela, however, was just excited to be acknowledged by the stars of her favorite show (and, you know, engaged to the love of her life).

"Drew Barrymore said my name," Kamela boasted in the video.

Congrats to the happy couple.