Question: If retail sales were down over the Thanksgiving weekend, it's your fault! I read your blog post about the things you're thankful for and then spent the entire holiday weekend looking at YouTube clips from the best soap ever, Santa Barbara. Any chance we'll get to see the reruns on SoapNet anytime soon?

Answer: I think you stand a better chance of seeing Nancy Grahn and Pam Long riding a tandem bike together through Central Park. As the suits at SoapNet remind me every time I harass them at press tour, Santa Barbara's unprecedented use of popular music makes rerunning old episodes cost-prohibitive. And because music was such a vital part of the show's DNA, stripping the songs out and replacing them with cheaper tunes is simply not an option. Bottom line: Until SoapNet feels that there's enough of a demand to justify the hefty price tag, we'll have to relive the magic of SB through YouTube clips like this one. And this one.