Though she admits, "I did not expect him to get as far as he did," Sanjaya Malakar's "proud" 19-year-old sister, Shyamali - herself an American Idol contestant at the very start of this season - isn't counting her oft-derided brother out of the finals just yet. "I could see Sanjaya and Melinda in the end, which would be crazy," she told TV Guide prior to this week's performance show.

As for the fire that her brother has drawn, Shyamali says Sanjaya, 17, is more likely to be concerned about how it hurts his family versus himself. "He does not worry about criticism," she explains. "He says, 'I am confident.'" Even when Simon is at his snarkiest? "I admire Simon for being honest," says Shyamali. "But I think he tries too hard to be mean." - Additional reporting by Mary Murphy

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