Sanjaya Malakar Sanjaya Malakar

American Idol alum Sanjaya Malakar says despite what people may say, he isn't gay.

"Like, yeah, a lot of people want me to be their gay best friend, and I make a really good gay best friend. But I don't like guys, so it confuses people," Sanjaya said on Tuesday's I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Sanjaya's sexuality came up after jungle-mate Janice Dickinson asked him to put guy-liner on, and he obliged.

"I just feel like she wants you to be gay or something," Holly Montag told Sanjaya quietly, while they were alone. Co-host Myleene Klass says she sees a budding romance between the two.

"I do hair, and I'll sit in the corner and knit. So it confuses people," Sanjaya said to the confessional camera. "A lot of my friends refer to me as their 'straight gay best friend' because we'll go do things that stereotypically you would do with a gay guy."

Holly, however, still could not wrap her head around the concept of a "straight gay best friend."

"If you're not gay then you shouldn't call yourself gay," she said.

The singer attributed the fact that people question his sexuality to his upbringing.

"I'm not, like, that classic, stereotypical macho guy that's just, like, 'Oh yeah! Oh, she's hot. I wanna get in her pants!'" he said. "I'm not that kind of guy. I was raised by women, so I kind of have a connection with my feminine side, but I'm attracted to women. So, it's like people like to kind of throw that at me, like, 'Oh, you must be gay.' But I'm like, 'Whatever, gay people are awesome.'"