For many Gen Xers and early Millennials, The Sandlot was an essential piece of childhood cinema, as the 1993 film coupled two very important American pastimes: baseball and an energetic coming-of-age narrative. Last year, much of the film's cast reunited for a 25th Anniversary celebration of the still-beloved movie, and talks of a prequel soon followed. Now, in addition to journeying back in time before Scotty Smalls strolled into town, we may have reason to hope for a sequel TV series featuring the original cast as well — even if the actors themselves seem to have absolutely no idea about it yet.

Writer-director David Mickey Evans has spoken up about the possibility of returning to the field for more Sandlot fun in an interview with The Rain Delay (via ScreenRant), detailing what said prequel would be about and introducing the news of his planned sequel series.

"Two days ago, I just finished the script for The Sandlot prequel that takes place in 1950," he explained. "It's the first [draft]. I'm working with a great young writer named Austin Reynolds, and we've been working on this since last Thanksgiving. It's been shaped and reshaped and shaped, and now it's just about ready to turn in."

Evans went onto elaborate that the prequel will center on "the story of how the legend of 'The Beast' was born." As fans of the original film will recall, "The Beast" is the nickname of a massive neighborhood dog who is rumored to eat intruders and thus terrifies the boys too much to try and retrieve their balls from Mr. Mertle (James Earl Jones)'s yard before they learn the truth about the animal.

At the tail end of the interview, though, Evans really dropped a bombshell by revealing that he was not only tying up the script for the prequel, but he's also been working with an unnamed streaming service to create a sequel series starring the original cast of the first film.

"I just sold a Sandlot television show. We're about to get an order for the first two seasons," Evans revealed. "I can't tell you who's gonna stream it, but I know who's gonna stream it — it wouldn't take a genius to figure that out right now. [...] I already got all the original cast members back. It takes place in 1984 when they're all like 33 years old and they all have children of their own. That's all I can tell you."

Understandably, the internet has gone nuts over this news, but some members of the original cast seem to be caught unaware by the headlines. Patrick Renna, who portrayed the essential Ham Porter in the film, even wrote on social media that he "feel[s] like an NBA player who just found out he was traded on Twitter."

Meanwhile, Victor DiMattia a.k.a. Timmy Timmons also responded to the resulting headlines with a think-face emoji to indicate his own apparent surprise.

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It's possible that the deal with Evans is simply too fresh to have secured any casting contracts yet, but we'll have to wait and see whether and how this Sandlot sequel series comes to fruition on that mystery streaming service.