Dirty Sexy Money star Samaire Armstrong has checked into an outpatient treatment facility for undisclosed reasons, but sources tell TV Guide it's likely for "extreme eating disorders" and "serious cutting." The former

O.C. actress "has been an emotional wreck for years," according to the source who also insists Armstrong does not take drugs. "In the years I have known her, I have never seen or heard about her taking or doing drugs," says the source. "She rarely even drank. She was never that drunk girl." Despite rumors of being difficult on set, her good friends are quick to rush to her defense. Armstrong's longtime friend, former actor Ryan Fisher, says he "never heard of her having any problems on any of the shows she was on. Everyone has always liked her. She loved being on the O.C. and said she was having a great time." Neither ABC nor Armstrong's rep would confirm rumors that she'll miss an episode of DSM due to rehab. Holly Shakoor, Armstrong's rep tells TV Guide, "The only thing we will say is that she does not have an extreme eating disorder or a cutting problem."
- Reporting by N.F. Mendoza