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It hasn't been the easiest year for Samaire Armstrong, but anyone who thought the Dirty Sexy Money starlet would stay home and sulk can think again. At the premiere for the Australian documentary Bra Boys she stepped out in better shape than ever, hugging and high-fiving reporters on the red carpet. "I've been exercising a lot," she smiled, taking in all the compliments.

Since first reported that ABC is not picking up Armstrong's contract for DSM's Season 2, we wondered what will become of Juliette Darling. "I will be back for an episode or two, or however long they let me stay," Armstrong told TV Guide. The twin's exit, though, will not be a final one. "I'm alive still! I don't get into a car accident!" the actress maintained with a laugh.

The question of whether or not Armstrong wanted to leave the show was met with a good-natured shrug: "Yes and no. Mostly no, but... that's the way the business goes."

Recently out of rehab, Armstrong was willing to share what she's learned. "Surround yourself with good people who care about you and take a second to evaluate how you feel mentally, spiritually and health-wise when you're not doing those bad things," she said. "To be able to exist without [those things]... to me, that is better than anything - better than success, better than being on drugs or being drunk. Just being happy inside.... I wouldn't give that up for anything." - Carita Rizzo