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Starz is tackling the ambitious task of bringing the epic story of Roman slave rebellion leader Spartacus to the small screen - greenlighting a 13-episode series from executive producers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Joshua Donen.

Steven S. DeKnight (Smallville) has signed on as head writer and showrunner of the hourlong series, set in the brutal world of gladiators.

The series was developed by Raimi, Tapert and Donen and will start production using in New Zealand early next year, targeted for a summer debut on Starz. But don't expect the Kirk Douglas kind of Spartacus - Starz said the story will be "reimagined" for TV viewers raised on graphic novels and cutting-edge production technology.

Starz Entertainment executive vice president of programming Stephan Shelanski added that the show will be produced for premium cable viewers, with "R-rated" action and storytelling. The goal is to accomplish the graphic-novel look and feel of such movies as 300 and "Sin City."

Sci Fi's hit new series Sanctuary has proven that audiences have embraced the green screen technology not just in film but on TV as well.  NBC has also hopped on the green screen wagon when they announced their forthcoming Jason and the Argonauts.

Are you excited for more green screen shows? Or do the graphic novel feel turn you off?