As his hit series Outlander prepares to resume filming in Cape Town, South Africa later this month, Sam Heughan is keeping busy by turning it up to Eleven.

Heughan, joined as always by his onscreen love interest Caitriona Balfe, hit Emerald City Comicon in Seattle over the weekend. There, he was fortunate enough to meet Stranger Things breakout Millie Bobby Brown — and of course, made sure to post a picture of the two of them that we can only assume was taken by Jonathan Byers. (Or Balfe. That would be pretty cool, too.)

"Welcome to the Upside down at @emeraldcitycomicon @milliebobbybrown," Heughan, who was noticeably wearing a Stranger Things T-shirt, captioned the pic. "Play some ball in the break?"

Welcome to the Upside down at @emeraldcitycomicon @milliebobbybrown Play some ball in the break?

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Outlander: Jamie is beaten and bloody in first Season 3 photo

We're yet to find out whether Heughan and Brown were able to play ball, but we did learn from Heughan and Balfe that the Outlander set was once plagued by monsters a whole lot scarier than a Demogorgon: dogs.

During their show's panel, Heughan and Balfe finally revealed why some crucial scenes from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novel were left out of Season 1. In the book, Balfe's Claire warns Father Bain (Tim McInnerny) that his dog bite wounds will fester if left untreated — and when he refuses her help, the priest uses his wounds as proof that Claire is a witch who cursed him.

But when the Outlander crew tried to bring this moment to life, the dogs on set actually attacked McInnerny.

"We nearly killed an actor with some dogs. ... He actually got attacked by dogs," Balfe said. "It was quite horrific."

McInnerny lived to accuse Claire of witchcraft another day, but the actor's terrifying experience with the mutts convinced producers to nix an even more famous scene from the novel, in which Claire kills a wolf with her bare hands.

"[Producers] were like, 'We're nixing the wolves,'" Balfe explained. "It's such an amazing thing to read it, but you can't do it in reality. I would have loved to."

Stranger things have certainly happened.