Look at little Sally Field giving the Emmys a little last-minute sizzle, delivering a message to war mothers that, because of the phrase "g--damned," made the censors slap the bleep button. "That's too bad," Field said matter of factly of the uproar. "I wanted to say something about the mothers who wait for their children to come home. I wanted to acknowlege them and what they do. I said at the end there is no question that if mothers ruled the world, there would be no war."

Pressed to elaborate on her bleeping, Field again shrugged, "Oh well! I've been there before. Good. I don't care. I have no comment other than, 'Oh well.' I said what I wanted to say. I wanted to pay homage to the mothers of the world and let their work be seen and valued. I really think that if mothers ruled the world we wouldn't be sending our children off to be slaughtered. That's what [ Brothers & Sisters'] Nora Walker is [about], she's this mother and she sees life through that."

"I probably shouldn't have said the 'god' before the 'damned,'" Field allows. "That's life. I didn't have a point to get across, I didn't have an agenda. I wanted to pay homage to mothers, especially the mothers who wait for their children to come home from war. If they bleep it... oh well. I'll just say it someplace else."

On a different topic, Field says she was a tough sell when B&S came knocking for her to play the Walker matriarch. "No, I wasn't interested at all. As a matter of fact I was sort of heading towards theater. And then Ken Olin and Robbie Baitz called me and said, 'Please, can we just talk to you?' It was a leap of faith, a total leap of faith" - and one that paid off.