T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin, <EM>Bones</EM> T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin, Bones

While fans always want to know if/when Booth and Brennan will be getting together on Fox's Bones (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET), another romance has been brewing in the background between squints Angela and Hodgins. Recently, their relationship has finally gone full-steam ahead, so TVGuide.com asked their portrayers, T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin, for their separate takes on this new development.

He said:

TVGuide.com: When did you first find out that the writers were planning for Hodgins to be interested in Angela? Had you suspected that they would have a connection?
T.J. Thyne:
Jack and Angela actually started smiling and flirting with each other long before it was ever on the page. If you go back and watch Season 1 of Bones, which just came out on DVD, you can see the progression of Jack and Angela going from being just coworkers to suddenly noticing each other and flirting. It’s subtle, but it's there. 

TVGuide.com: I loved the swing date. Will we get to see them go out again?
Jack is crazy wealthy, so I think there should be a date where after work some Friday night, he walks Angela to the roof of the lab, where his helicopter is waiting, and flies her to drinks and appetizers on the beaches of St. Martin in the Caribbean, then dinner and dessert on the Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain, finally settling in for the evening in a cozy chateau somewhere in the Loire Valley in France. And then, of course, get back in time for work on Monday. Ahh, that sounds nice.

TVGuide.com: Do you think an office romance can actually work?
I say fall. Fall hard. Fall in love with whomever that person is, wherever they are — office, grocery store, wherever. It hurts. For sure it hurts not to be loved in return, but it's love, right? It’s worth it. Especially when it works out. In my mind, it is absolutely, unquestionably worth the attempt to just... see.

TVGuide.com: Angela and Hodgins seem to still be in the flirting stage, though she did ask to stay over in a recent episode. Will their relationship deepen?
Talking about office romances, I think we need to see Jack and Angela, in the middle of a work day, close her office door, push everything off her desk and just go at it. Don’t you think?  Who needs a lunch break at work when you can have a sex break?  

TVGuide.com: What is it like working with Michaela?
Pure joy. I get along extremely well with everyone on set. I literally wake up in the morning and think, “I get to spend the day acting with five of my best friends.” How cool is that?!

TVGuide.com: Did the Angela-Hodgins pairing come about because you two had good chemistry? 
We were shooting a scene just two days ago for an upcoming episode. Eric Millegan (Zack) turned to Michaela and I and said, “I can’t imagine Jack and Angela not being together now. You too have such amazing chemistry on screen and off." In truth, I’m probably more nuts about Michaela than Jack is for Angela. I’m nuts about this whole cast.

TVGuide.com: Has it been fun or awkward to have romantic scenes?
Jack, alone with Angela in a park, drinking up her eyes, then, ever so gently, leaning in to kiss her for the slightest of moments... that melts me. Not awkward, never awkward. But yes, a whole lot of fun.

TVGuide.com: Will Hodgins make any more crazy-expensive perfume purchases?
Ha! We’ll see. Maybe.

TVGuide.com: The "buried alive" episode was very intense to watch. How was it to film?
How good are our writers?! My favorite episode. This is the kind of script that you get as an actor where after reading it, you stand up and do a little jig. To have the opportunity to act the life-and-death circumstances of real-life trauma... our characters on Bones care so deeply for each other that the dire need in this episode of Booth, Zack, Cam and Angela to find us, the dire need for Brennan and I to keep breathing just to see them again, is so moving. Everyone's truth is subtly revealed. The human element of these six characters is shown in its rawest form. It's pretty breathtaking — no pun intended.

And now, she said:

TVGuide.com: Angela's getting to have a lot more fun this season.
Michaela Conlin:
I know! Work has been fun [Laughs]. A sort of change of pace from other stuff.

TVGuide.com: Were you surprised that this season we're getting more personal info about the "squints"?
It has been really interesting to have a relationship develop in a very real way. Angela was sort of like the big sister. Even though she is a squint at heart, she didn't want to be seen with Hodgins or Zack outside the lab at all. I think that, through many disappointments and trials and tribulations with men throughout last season, this relationship was quite a surprise. It is a very real workplace relationship, being at work with somebody, getting to know them, respecting them and having the relationship grow from there.

TVGuide.com: When did you suspect that there could be chemistry between Angela and Hodgins?
T.J. and I, as actors, see the world very similarly on set and off. He's sort of my acting partner, and if I need help with something, he helps me, and vice versa. It's always been that way. It is interesting that a lot of the scenes that they've been writing on the show have been where I help him in situations, or he helps me. It sort of started from there. [Executive producer] Hart [Hanson] said that when they were in the editing room, they would cut to [Hodgins] and then cut to [Angela] and say, "Wow, maybe we should start putting these two together in scenes and see what happens."

TVGuide.com: Do you think an office romance can actually work out for them?
Hmm... we're figuring that out right now. I think that any relationship at work is always difficult, but the nice thing about Hart and the writers is that they are making that known. It is not going to be just the one-sided, "We're in love and everything is great" sort of relationship. As is with any work relationship, there are a lot of complications that come along with it. It will be an interesting ride.

TVGuide.com: Will we get to see them go out again?
That's a good question! I would love for there to be more dates. I would love to see these two outside of the lab. I think you learn a lot about the characters when you see them away from the lab. You see how messy their lives are. This team is so good at solving these crimes, but we're sort of messy in the love department.

TVGuide.com: How is working with T.J.?
I love working with him. He's such a good friend of mine, and it is fun.

TVGuide.com: So no awkwardness or anything?
Sometimes it is a little awkward, since we've known each other a long time, to say, "Hi, how are you?" and then be making out. But it is fun, too.

TVGuide.com: Are Angela and Hodgins in a committed relationship now, or is it still uncertain?
It is pretty committed. I know that he is sleeping only with me — or at least that's what he's told me. [Laughs] But I think at this point it is a pretty monogamous relationship.

TVGuide.com: Well, I had to ask because Angela did do a lot of dating last season....
Yes. Hodgins being rich doesn't hurt. [Laughs] Kidding! That's a joke that we have. The nice thing is that they haven't really talked about that at all. That is not the reason that she's with him.

TVGuide.com: She doesn’t seem like she'd be the type to want that $3,000 bottle of perfume he purchased.
No. It was an interesting choice that he made, because I think Angela probably would have preferred a weekend in Vegas. But he'll learn.

TVGuide.com: So while I love the relationship between Hodgins and Angela, I miss Angela's best-friend chats with Brennan. Will we see more of those?
Yeah! They are coming back right now, because of something that is going on with her that I won't mention. It has been really, really nice because Emily [Deschanel] is such a close friend of mine. I love doing those scenes; they are my favorite to do, and you'll be seeing more of them.

TVGuide.com: Brennan really needs someone to tell her to stop dating murderers.
And Angela is usually pretty good at that. She can sort of slap some sense into her.

TVGuide.com: Anything else we should look forward to this season?
More romps in the lab, hopefully!

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