Bob Saget by Ian White/Comedy Central Bob Saget by Ian White/Comedy Central

When Comedy Central roasts Bob Saget (and good!) on Aug. 17, overseeing the Bob-BQ is none other than his Full House kin, John Stamos. "Him being the roast master is kind of odd, but moving," Saget tells TV Guide. "It's like an emotional thing."

With the "roastee" being "Danny Tanner," you have to expect that a fair amount of digs will be made at the Olsen twins - especially the dirty kind. That's precisely what transpired, and Saget wasn't entirely OK with it all. "Anybody who talks about my TV kids - that upsets me the most," Saget tells New York Post. "I am very protective. I love them very much."

The now-22-year-olds were in fact invoked by Stamos, who said during the taping, "The whole time Bob and I were doing Full House, he was also hosting America's Funniest Home Videos.... His entire job consisted of saying 'Take a look at this' - which is what he used to say to Mary-Kate in her dressing room."

With comments like that, do you think Saget's roasters went too far? - Gina DiNunno, with some reporting by Christopher Harnick