While everyone is busy gearing up to watch Michael Phelps race a great white shark as part of this year's edition of Discovery's Shark Week, the lesser known Nat Geo WILD: SharkFest has been busy promoting its own Olympic special guest for promotion: Ryan Lochte.

The kicker is, Nat Geo WILD knows it's got the second best shark attraction on TV, and it's not afraid to cop to it in the latest Lochte-filled teaser.

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In the video, a playfully sarcastic narrator teases Lochte with passive aggressive comments like, "Some say second place is the first loser," "There are no points for second place," and, "Number one is a state mind. Right, Ryan?"

If you hoped Lochte might be jumping into shark infested waters to race a shark for his life, however, you're probably going to be disappointed. Unlike Phelps, Lochte firmly refuses to jump into the chummy water with any sharks.

Nat Geo Wild has had fun with its SharkFest promos in the past, particularly in 2015 when it hired comedian Rory Scovel to let everyone know that it was ripping off Shark Week and proud of it.

Nat Geo WILD: Sharkfest premieres Sunday, July 23rd at 8/7c on Nat Geo WILD.