Kristen Bell and Ryan Hansen Kristen Bell and Ryan Hansen

Ryan Hansen is returning to the Veronica Mars movie as Dick Casablancas, the 09er-turned-Pi Sig frat boy with a heart of gold, Rob Thomas announced Friday.

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Hansen's return doesn't come as a big surprise. In the video that launched Thomas and star Kristen Bell's Kickstarter campaign, his was the first face seen on screen. After Veronica Mars ended, Hansen and Thomas also continued to work together on Party Down.

With only two days left until production starts, there's still no word from former Neptune natives Paris Hilton, Kristin Cavallari and Leighton Meester. However, Hansen is joining Krysten Ritter, Jason DohringEnrico ColantoniPercy Daggs IIIChris LowellFrancis CapraTina MajorinoAmanda NoretSam Huntington and Daran Norris.

Watch Hansen's hilarious video announcement below. Are you excited for Dick to return?