Thus far, the hard-bodied lunkheads of Fox's unofficial Paradise Hotel sequel, Forever Eden, have failed to generate the kind of horndog hysterics that their predecessors did. But we're still tuning in (as we will again tonight at 9 pm/ET), to catch host Ruth England casting out the bad apples. Honest to God, the Brit bombshell seems to delight in delivering bad news almost as much as we enjoy watching her do it. "That must be your imagination," she insists to TV Guide Online, then laughs. "Actually, I do feel a little evil some of the time. Friendly-nasty... or sexy-menacing; that's what I'm going for.

"Half the people there hate me," she goes on, sighing. "We're recording 24/7, and I hear what they say about me — they get quite nervous when I walk up. But I'm the messenger, and the messenger often gets blamed."

Truth be told, England doesn't much mind sending shivers down the spines of the pampered money-grubbers. For all the R&R they are getting, they deserve to endure a little Sturm und Drang. "When I've got to get up early and learn scripts and take meetings with the producers," she confesses, "I look at the guests lolling around the pool getting suntans and drinking champagne, and think, 'They've got it good.'"

Still, the wry U.K. television personality (Wish You Were Here) hesitates when asked whether she'd like to get off the sidelines and insinuate herself into the action. The dynamic between the singletons, she observes, "is so Lord of the Flies at this point. They've become self-governing. The environment that they're living in has become their world, and it's like they've forgotten everything outside.

"Luckily, no one's dead," she adds quickly. "Yet!"