Russell Brand Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand woke up the Television Critics Association with his particular brand of madcap, irreverent humor Saturday morning during its fall previews, discussing topics ranging from homicidal Renaissance artists to a "racist chicken dispensary."

Check out 8 unvarnished quotes below:

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1. Artistic license: Brand to a journalist, "You are in a pool of light. You look like you were put there by Caravaggio." Later, in response to his cultural references, he confessed, "I don't know loads about Caravaggio except that he captured light very, very beautifully and made religion seem palpable and relevant."

2. Shoe on the other foot: When a reporter asks Brand why he's not wearing shoes on stage: "Shoes are themselves an oddity and an addition. The real question is: Why are you all wearing shoes?"

3. Pip, pip, good show: Although Brand admitted that he doesn't usually like the Olympics, he appreciated the opening ceremony. "The Queen was with James Bond," he said. "How could you not feel enthused?"

4. Be our guest: His talk show, BrandX with Russell Brand, will begin to add guests. "Maybe Charlie Sheen," said Brand. "That's as far as I've thought. He can come every week with a different one of his personalities. By the time it comes to the seventh week, he will have arrived thinking it was the first show."

5. Service with a smile: Responding to a critic who wanted his stance on fast-food chain Chick-fil-A: "Didn't Chick-fil-A say that they're racists now? Oh no, homophobic. I get mixed up with the prejudices. I forget who I'm supposed to hate." Later, he refered to the franchise as a "racist chicken dispensary."

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6. Eat more beef? "I don't agree with eating a chicken anyway," he added. "I think that's an unkind thing to do to a chicken. Just let it carry on with what it's doing."

7. Palins 2.0: "I don't really know much about what happens when a Palin has a baby and it grows up to live its own life," he said, "but if it's like the originator of that thing, then yes, I think Dancing with the Stars is the right place for it."

8. Sarah Palin as a guest? You betcha! "Sarah Palin would be amazing, wouldn't she?" said Brand. "I'd go straight for the subtext. I think that's the reason that Sarah Palin has been so long tolerated is that latent inquisition around her vagina. [Laughs] People want to f--- her, don't they? That's why they tolerate the other stuff... liking seeing Russia out her window. The d--- don't lie!"

BrandX with Russell Brand next airs Thursday at 11/10c on FX. It returns with seven new episodes in October, after all-new episodes of The League.