After years of anticipation, RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars is finally back for a second season. And we don't have to tell you twice that this cast is stacked!

Adore Delano, Alaska, Alyssa Edwards, Coco Montrese, Detox, Ginger Minj, Katya, Phi Phi O'Hara, Roxxxy Andrews and Tatianna have all returned for a second chance at the Drag Race crown. Some of these queens are out for redemption; others are just out to win. But for better or worse, all of them will have to deal with the preconceived notions surrounding their first run on the show.

We caught up with the majority of the All Stars cast to discuss their most iconic moment from their original season and what they plan to change going forward.

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Katya Zamoldochikova: The Slow Splits


There's a reason why Katya won Miss Congeniality during Season 7. The self-proclaimed average run-of-the-mill Russian transvestite hooker is incredibly self-deprecating — especially when picking her favorite gif of herself.

"The splits," Katya decides, "because I didn't realize that would be a thing at all. There have been so many goddamn splits on the show. I didn't realize that would be a unique thing. It's also sexy and involves strength. That's a woman for you."

And while Katya will bring her own special take on gymnastics to All Stars, she says fans can expect to see a lot more from her, too. "To be honest, I feel like I didn't show all my cards in Season 7, so I walked away from that with a huge sense of disappointment," Katya says. "[You'll see] more humor that's organic for me. Making Ru laugh in the workroom, which was my No. 1."

"That was my biggest regret [from Season 7]," she continues. "I knew she brought me there because she appreciated my sense of humor and point of view, and when I got there I just crumbled."

Roxxxy Andrews: The Wig Rip


There have been so many iconic lip syncs in Drag Race history but Roxxxy and Alyssa's "Whip My Hair" battle was truly one for the ages. "Me ripping my wig off is the best one because you can use that in so many different ways," Roxxxy says of the moment in which she ripped off her wig only to reveal she was wearing a second wig underneath.

"My friends will text it to me," Roxxxy adds. "Like, we're in the middle of a conversation and I'm like, 'You guys are so retarded.' But it's such a good gif."

In fact, the wig reveal has become as synonymous with Roxxy as her bitchiness — something Roxxxy hopes to change on All Stars. "I came off a little mean [in Season 5]," she admits. "I'm here to have fun. I can do fun and happy and be in a good mood and not come for everybody."

Coco Montrese: Orangegate


The season-long rivalry between Coco and Alyssa reached its apex in the workroom when the pair dragged each other for their respective makeup skills. But it was Alyssa's take down of Coco's Doritos foundation that has become a thing of legend.

"The one from my season where Alyssa said, 'Look how orange you look,' that was just like oh my gawwwd," recalls Coco.

But now that Alyssa and Coco are reunited on All Stars, don't expect a repeat of their infamous showdown. "I look back at it now and it's just hilarious, because we're able to laugh and joke about it," she says.

A Coco and Alyssa friendship isn't the only thing that will surprise All Stars viewers. "I keep trying to reinvent myself," she explains. "Before I was very set in my own way, but I just said I'm going to take risks. I'm going to go out there and do things I don't normally do."

Tatianna: The Bangs Sweep


During the Season 2 wedding dress challenge, RuPaul asked the girls to reveal anything the judges might not be seeing on the runway. Tatianna didn't hesitate to call out Tyra Sanchez's bad behavior, but Ru still wound up declaring Tyra the winner of the challenge (and later the season). Tatianna could barely contain her anger on the runway, which wasn't great for her game but was great for the internet, giving us this epic IDGAF gif.

Her legendary bangs sweep is perfect for "when you're over it and when you have no more patience. When you're done," Tatianna explains. But going into All Stars, the only queen from Season 2 is determined to rise above the drama.

"I just wanted to fully show them the scope of who I am and who I am in real life," she says. "I think in Season 2 I got a little caught up in the drama and the negativity and I'm just a really chill person. And I wanted to show everyone how much I've grown. ... Everything's elevated. I'm still sexy. I still don't like wearing too much clothing, but I just know who I am as a drag queen and as a person."

Alaska Thunderf--k: The Not-So-Gracious Loser

Alaska made it to the Final 3 of Season 5 only to lose to the delightful underdog Jinxx Monsoon. And while there are no hard feelings toward Jinxx or Ru for her loss, Alaska's disappointment has been forever frozen in time.

"It was me, Roxxxy and Jinxx sitting there watching [the crowning] and they put a camera in our face and then Jinxx wins and Jinxx and Roxxxy hug each other and I just burst into tears crying. And so it's that image and then at the bottom it says, 'I'm so happy for you,'" Alaska explains. "I love it. I want to get a tattoo of it."

But now that she has a second chance at the crown, Alaska has no plans on losing again. "The first time around, I was really concerned with being everyone's bestie, everyone's friend. So this time, I wanted to do so good everyone hates me," she says.

Ginger Minj: The Basement Flooder


Ginger Minj, the humble glamour toad, was hesitant to pick her favorite gif of herself from Season 7. "Honestly, I don't really look at myself. My favorites are my sisters'. My favorite of all time is Alyssa going 'backrolls' looking like Earthworm Jim."


Ginger did, however, reveal that one of her most gif-able lines — "I about flooded my basement" — came as a huge surprise to herself when she saw it on TV. "I guess I've said that for years, but never realized it," she explains. "I was watching the episode and I said, 'I don't remember saying that. I'd never say that!' And the entire audience goes, 'Yes, you do.'"

One thing Ginger was very conscious of going into All Stars wasn't her quips, but her fashion. "I knew in Season 7 everything I wore wasn't going to be the best, but in pageants you don't want to be the best; you want to be the safest," Ginger says. "But with this, I went into it like I don't even care if I win. I want to go and just stun people week after week with the things that I do and the chances that I take."

Alyssa Edwards: The Tongue Pop


No queen has more gif-able moments to choose from than Alyssa Edwards. But rather than go with classics like "Back rolls?" or "You'll never be glamour," Alyssa's favorite is her now-signature move: the tongue pop.

"I love when I do the tongue pop with my fingers, the magic hands and all that," she says. "The eyes are big and zany and crazy and all that, so it's super fun."

But Alyssa won't just be relying on her old tricks for All Stars. She says fans can expect to see her take a lot more risks and see her be much more in charge of her persona this season. "[Before watching myself on Season 5], I didn't even know these things existed about me. I didn't know it was there and I didn't have the focus or power to control that," Alyssa said. "So now I'm in control of Alyssa."

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars premieres Thursday at 9/8c on Logo.