Project Runway All Stars, Daniel Vosovic Project Runway All Stars, Daniel Vosovic

To kick off the new season of Project Runway — which had the highest-rated premiere in the history of the series and network — Lifetime brought together eight of your favorite designers from past seasons to compete in an All-Star Challenge. caught up with winner Daniel Vosovic (Season 2's runner-up) to get the scoop on what it was like stepping back into the reality world, the kind of designer he has become and what he plans on doing with his $100,000 prize.

See what Chris March had to say about the premiere in this week's "Runway Rundown" As runner-up on Runway Season 2, what was it like to finally take home the win?
Daniel Vosovic: Certainly surreal. The moment itself was bittersweet, because Korto and I had become really good friends, and we both wanted it really badly. But the real moment came when I was on the runway alone and hearing how proud the judges were and getting their feedback. That really meant the most to me. They judges really thought you've evolved quite a bit since we last time.
Daniel: Yes, I can attest that I was designing for the judges in Season 2. But this time, whether it was a natural growth as a designer or myself, I just felt a lot more confident. I know the woman I am designing for, and I was just excited to show that. She's a strong, sexy, confident, urban, edgy woman, and I loved when Michael Kors said they saw that throughout all of my looks.

Watch Daniel and Chris March talk "blood, sweat and tears" on All-Stars What was it like jumping back into the reality competition world?
Daniel: I don't know if it's the Aries in me, but I looove me some competition. The thing that was so weird was Santino was there, it was the same runway, the same judges, Heidi was pregnant again — it was like four years had not gone by. Déjà vu! It was a weird summer camp because you have this kinship with other designers from other seasons because it's like, "I know you get it, because I get it," and you feel this relationship with them. So, what are your plans for the prize money?
Daniel: I don't know! You could always buy a Saturn.
Daniel: Oh, please. They can send one if they want. [Laughs] No, but I'm probably going to do all the boring things like invest in the company I'm building. I'm showing my first solo collection in February in New York. But for the fun stuff, my boyfriend's never been to Europe before and I've lived there for a little while, so I'm hoping to surprise him and take him to Paris for two weeks or something like that. We just celebrated three years in June. Did you catch the premiere of Project Runway after All-Stars?
Daniel: Unfortunately, when you have a room full of screaming friends and supporters, the TV was quickly forgotten, and the champagne was quickly popping. So, I apologize to the new season, and I'm sure I'll catch it when it's on again.