If you have a serious fear of heights like Armie Hammer, we recommend you brace yourself before watching him scale a mountain on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. We wish we could say we were exaggerating, but in this exclusive sneak peek, we genuinely thought we were about to watch him plummet to his death!

In the upcoming episode, airing Dec. 3, the Golden Globe-nominated actor teams up with Bear Grylls in Sardinia to search for a secret, underwater smuggling cave, but to do so he's got to conquer his fear of heights first. And what's the best way to do that? Climb a mountain with sharp rocks at the bottom!

Though we kept waiting for the rocks to crumble and give way to a horrendous fall, this isn't a James Bond movie, so nothing of the sort occurred. Hammer made it to the top unscathed, if a little shaky. And you would be too after a climb like that!

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Running Wild with Bear Grylls airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Nat Geo.

Armie Hammer, <em>Running Wild With Bear Grylls</em>Armie Hammer, Running Wild With Bear Grylls